How to choose your Japanese Sword?

Choosing the right Japanese sword for an enthusiast can be a tough challenge. First of all, you should have in mind the purposes you will require your Katana for. There are different kinds of Japanese swords which are used for decoration purposes as well as cutting purposes. So if you are looking for a Japanese sword for yourself then enlisted below are some tips to help you get the Katana which is perfect for you.

1.     Purity and perfection

A Japanese sword is thought to be a very pure material which is made up of the essential elements of nature. Nowhere else in the world has a sword received that kind of level of technological excellence. Not only is the sword a work of art but it is supposed to be cherished and appreciated by the people from all around the world.

2.     Types of swords

There are multiple types of Kabana which are out there but most people are familiar with the long Japanese swords which they have seen in the movies. From the Tachi or the Tanto to the Wakizashi or the Naginata, there are so many choices out there for a sword enthusiast to pick from.

3.     The type of steel

Steel is a common consideration one should think about when buying a Katana. The steel should be pure and the blade should depict a fine grain structure. This structure keeps a Japanese sword from getting damaged or breaking.

4.     Design and shape

There are swords, available in the market, which have very little resemblance with the Japanese history and culture. They are so modernized that it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that they are actually Japanese swords. So it is important to consider the shape, design, and balance of the sword when you are making the purchase.

5.     Warranty

The seller you purchase the sword from should give you his confidence in the form of a warranty. Sometimes people aren’t satisfied with their purchase which leads to cognitive dissonance so you need to make sure that you get a warranty card on your purchase.

6.     Testing

Before your buy the sword test it to make sure it’s worthy of the amount you are going to spend on it. Make sure that the seller you buy it from has an idea himself on how swords are supposed to work so that he can brief you.