Tips for hanging a sword on the wall

It’s not so hard to hang a sword firmly on the wall in a way that it looks good. While displaying a sword on the wall you should consider its worth. For example it’d make little sense if you displayed an average looking sword which you got from a thrift store in a glass display case. However if you display an antique Katana without putting much thought into it, then you wouldn’t do justice to it.

So to mount a sword on the wall you are initially going to need a sword mounting kit. It wouldn’t cost too much. It comes with the hardware you need. The screws and anchors are all included in the mounting kit.

So start off by drilling the holes in the wall which you plan to hang your sword on. Use plugs and screws to make sure the sword is fixed there firmly and it wouldn’t drop. To support the weight of the sword and to keep it from falling down you can also make use of cavity fixings.

Work on defining the most amazing sides of the pieces on display in a way that does not endanger their long-term value. For instance, if the Katana has an average looking blade and an ornate handle, make the Katana handle the point of focus of the plaque by centering it on the backing.

By putting two swords crossed in front of a shield coat of arms you will give the illusion of a compelling, European visual effect.

Abstain from putting up bare sharp blades on the wall directly, as they won’t be safe should they fall from the wall.

Mount the Katana‘s handle on the left hand side of the mount, as you are looking at it, to create a peaceful looking art piece illusion. Putting the handle on the other side however means that you were looking for an aggressive attitude since this is the direction the sword would be drawn from.

Put the biggest sword in its scabbard and place it on the top rang of the wall mount. The cutting edge of the steel, on the outer edge of the curve, should be faced upwards to depict the way the swords are worn. However, you can place any other swords, such as the shorter “Wakizashi,” on the lower rungs of the wall mount.

So hopefully now you have an idea as to how you will hang a sword on the wall.