Where to stop when decorating with antiques? Don’t turn your home into a museum!

People sometimes go a little overboard with decorating their homes. Paintings, sculptures, and antiques are all good additions to a home to elevate its aura but these things look good in moderation. These days people are also focusing a lot on minimalist approaches to decorate their homes. However you don’t necessarily have to do that but you should keep in mind that decorating with antiques requires skill. Enlisted below we have compiled some tips for you to decorate with antiques without turning your home into a museum.

1.     Place objects by color

Color coordinating antiques keeps your home décor form looking like a museum.

2.     Create a focal point

We all know that when we go to museums, we can see antiques scattered throughout the place. You can make your house look different by focusing on a specific point in your space to place the antiques. You can also place antiques on a shelf which would make the room feel more organized and put together.

3.     Put them together

Don’t put one antique peace on every table that you have, but instead put them together on one coffee table so that they look like they belong together and the group seems better.

4.     Mix and match

You don’t necessarily have to place new decoration pieces separately and antiques separately. In lieu of that mix old and new together on the basis of colors and patterns.

5.     Put antiques to work

You may be familiar with antique pieces of furniture in people’s homes that are not meant to be used. Antique furniture isn’t made without a purpose. Don’t just put it there without letting people use it. Make it functional so that it has a purpose that it serves in your house. By doing this you breathe life into your antiques as well as the space where you place them.

6.     Create space for it

You need a specific space where you can put your antiques. If you just mindlessly scatter them around the whole house then they’d look awkward and unnecessary. If you have antique pieces which are really beautiful and mean a lot to you, then create a particular space for them. You can paint a wall to complement the color of the piece and place it in front of it. By doing this it will make your antique piece seem like a thoughtful focal point, and not just a random decoration piece.

7.     Tell a story

To make your home décor seem more personal, tailored to your needs, and customized you can place antique pieces together in a way in which they tell a story. Make the connection of your antique pieces with the rest of your décor subtle so that it elevates the aura of your space without seeming out of place or overly done. Match photo frames, canvases, and paintings with your decoration pieces to create a vibe of personalization in your home décor.